Our Story

Kai & Co. Creations is based in Los Angeles, California. All our candles are created with sustainability in mind, using only 100% natural soy wax and cotton wicks (no lead or zinc!) to ensure that the candles are eco-friendly in the long run. 

Our candles are individually hand crafted with love and tested in our very kitchen to guarantee amazing scents whenever they're lit! 


Even though we are the early stages of development, we strive to be a company that will give back to the environment. Since all our materials are made of natural ingredients, we want to be able to do something that would benefit our surroundings, be it planting a tree, or organizing an awareness seminar. Our goal is to be able to give 10% of our profit to a good cause! p/s: We have not decided which NPO to support, and hopefully will be able to announce that soon!!