How to Make Your Candles Burn Longer?

Hey guys! Can you believe it? I’ve been selling candles for more than two years now! I have thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of my days at the markets and interacting with you guys on social media, so I thought I’d share some of the tips to make candles last longer here given my research and experiments. These tips and tricks are not necessarily specific to soy candles.

Trim your wicks before you light your candle. Every time. 

This is probably the number one tip to ensure your candles last longer. Prior to lighting your candle, you might notice sort of a larger wick head than usual, especially if you’ve burn the candle for long hours before this (see picture below). It’s important to trim the wick before you light it again as a bigger “shroom” means a bigger flame, that also means it eats up more fragrance and wax than it needs to. The shroom also causes a lot more soot as you burn it which results in dirty jar as time goes by.  

First burn is important       

Believe it or not, soy wax has a “memory”. So, do always let it burn until the wax reaches the edge of the jar. This will ensure an even burn the next time around. The time varies but just as an example, our 8 oz jar and 12 oz jar takes about 2 hours; whereas our lux jar takes a little longer as it has a wider mouth. So, the wider the jar, the longer it takes. Now, some of you might ask, I’ve burn it for more than 4 hours but it still hasn’t reached the edge of the jar. What is the problem? Check out this link- --

When your candle wick starts curling, blow it out, let it cool, trim it before you burn it again.

Sometimes, we are so enthusiastic that we let the candle burn on and on. In cases like this, you might notice that the wick starts to curl. I suggest blowing the candle out, let it cool, and trim it before re-lighting it.

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Choose cylindrical shape candles.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t choose odd shaped candles. But do keep in mind that a cylindrical shape candle allows a smooth and continuous burn throughout, whereas some odd jars, for example if the mouth is smaller than the body, you’ll notice a lot of leftover wax that haven’t been used. (send it to us, we’ll repurpose it for you so that you may use it again. )

Do not place it under vents or paths like that

This probably goes without saying, placing a lit candle in a drafty area increases the chances that the candle burns unevenly.

Storage – do not place it in high heat area.

If you store the candle in a high heat area, the wax might melt, thus evaporating the fragrance oil more than you want it to.  

Alright, I hope these are some tips you’d find helpful. Leave me your questions and comments below and please keep an eye out for our next post!